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Welcome to Ancient Origins. A place where you can reflect and take time for yourself. We believe in honouring yourself weather it be by bathing, skincare, crystals or spells jars.

Our skincare products are made up of ingredients backed by science which are shown to improve skin's overall health. Each of our formulas contain antioxidants, skin replenishing ingredients and skin restoring ingredients. Our soaps are made using the ancient cold process method with body safe, phthalate free fragrances, mica powders, essential oils and clays. 

Our Spell Jars are made by hand with love and care. Each ingredient thoughtfully put into our spell jar recipes to deliver the set intentions. Ancient herb and salt properties help to rid your homes and yourself of negative energies, also assisting you in a range of other worries. Helping us remember our ancient roots, who we really are and to stay grounded, we also incorporate crystal and colour magic for added intent. Crystals being a ancient form of medicine promoting the flow of good energy and ridding the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.